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IMAGE: Smash Snap of The Week!

This weeks 'Smash Snap Of The Week' goes to the one and only Cronogenesis! His snap (which he took with his own camera) is of the final stats screen after what only can be described as an utterly EPIC brawl! Quite a strange entry this one. Glance down at the shot below and I am sure you will agree that Cronogenesis is completely bonkers and that just makes him and this screen grab even more awesome! Well done Sir, here on the H.M.S WiiDS - we salute you.
I really don't have much to say about this one - as I was and still am speechless. I shall just let his forum desciption do the job for me.


3 L9 Computers
1 Pirate Ship
All Items
99 stock
394 KO’s
1 Suicide
More time than the game clock allows
56120% damage
238 Final smashes

This is madness???