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Episode 60: Casual Acquaintances

Well, we made it. Our 60th episode is now online, no thanks to the problems we had when rounding up the hosts, sending the files and - of course - putting the damn thing together. I'd like to call for a huge round of applause for the hosts, who coped admirably in my absence because I was trapped in London by both an impending deadline and a poor excuse for train service.

They've managed to put together a fantastic episode - once I removed all the mistakes.
And the random off-air banter.
And the ten minutes of fussing over whether or not Dippy's computer was going to spontaneously combust.
And Mani singing (as per).



Download Here

(No Links-O-Doom this week. I'd like to hear whether or not they're useful before I continue using them, because they just look so damn messy)

- Question Of The Week: Best Box Art
- News
- Miyamoto: My Style Has Changed
- Animal Crossing rumoured
- Nintendo's 2008 conference plans
- Nintendo Channel released
- Main Discussion: Casual Acquaintances
- Nintendo Europe claims there are no casual gamers: are they right?
- What defines 'casual'?
- Should gamers be pigeonholed?
- How does a control system affect whether or not it is casual?
- Virtual Console Reviews, brought to you by www.vc-reviews.com
- What We've Been Playing
- Online Section
- More



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